Awnings and shades for your spot

Shades, blinds, awnings and more are remarkable items we offer for your personal spaces. It does not matter if you want to decorate offices, apartments, houses or residences of any kind.

It is a fact that these are almost mandatory and contribute to define the style that this space will have. That is why we take it very seriously to offer you the best shades, blinds, insect screens, wallpapers and awnings options. With us, you have guaranteed variety, quality and style.


Sample of products Málaga

  • Box roller

    Excellent visual and thermal comfort. We give you the minimalist solution for your blinds. Protect and embellish your curtains with our wide range of design drawers. 100% aluminum drawer. It allows to resist oxidation and adverse weather conditions. Roller curtains with drawer are perfect for minimalist decorations. They are very useful and versatile for its roller system can also be…

  • Decorative covers

    Interior decorative front curtains and shades are your best choice if you want to change your office’s atmosphere, impress your customers and professionally decorate your living room, room or kitchen without making large investments. Elegant for roller blind, vertical, aluminum, wood, traditional and Japanese panel. A nice hidden front will make the dreamed place you deserve. Contact us now. You…

  • Draperies

    Wide range of textiles that integrates prints and embroidery. Decorative wealth Made for interior and exterior. Textures, colors and transparencies that are integrated into any environment. Variety of confections that adapt to different decorative styles. The traditional curtains offer a more traditional decoration than other types of curtains and they extend a textile range that integrates prints and embroideries. They…

  • Fit & fit-pleat

    System is designed to be installed directly in the frame of windows and glass doors. The fit curtains are a system designed to provide ease of installation. They are ideal for Window frames and acrylic doors also have the distinction of not having to use screws or create holes. So it gives an ideal touch of elegance in clean environments,…

  • Neolux roller

    Intimacy or visibility in the same curtain. Avant-garde design.Finishes that add distinction. Installation with or without screws. The night and day roller blinds are perfect for the security and privacy that you are looking for, they are very useful and versatile due to their roll-up system. You can also use your system specialized in controlling the levels of light entering…

  • Pleated curtains

    Adaptability Pleated curtains are conveniently adapted to cover holes or imperfections of small windows. It has the characteristic of having a “double fabric” that allows the combination of two types of fabrics, one decorative and one opaque. What is ideal to meet the objective of providing security and privacy to its owners, very elegant and useful when it comes to…

  • Roller

    Trend and style Minimalist elegance Maximum comfort Privacy and solar protection. Energy savings The roller blinds are perfect for minimalist decorations, they are very useful and versatile due to their roll-up system, it offers maximum comfort with its multiple models adaptable for all the needs of the client. We use the best materials to ensure quality products that are at…

  • Roman shades

    A functional and decorative curtain with 5 styles of clothing to choose from. The folding blinds are the perfect alternative for the decoration of holiday places. A functional and decorative curtain with more than 5 confections to choose from, these curtains have a variety of shapes and range of colors for contemporary environments, it is ideal for all types of…

Blinds and curtains for your choice in Málaga

Blinds and shades for your choice

High quality is guaranteed because our products are made with the best materials and are resistant to sun exposure, rain and humidity. These are products designed to give you the security and privacy you have been wondering.


Different shades designs

By variety, we refer to a wide variety of options that we got in our products.

Minimalist designs, prints, veined, one colour or multicolored. Each blind and each shade have elements that will allow you to build the ideal style for all the spaces you have.

In this sense, we got products that satisfy the most demanding tastes and that serve to decorate any space, whatever it may be.


Indoor Shades and blinds

The style is assured by the simple fact that our products are always in the last trendy lines. You will see minimalist proposal, classic decorations and colorful styles, with elaborate strokes or patterns.

Style is important and that is why we take care of it. Our products determine fashion and in order to satisfy your expectations, we have, as a result, exclusive designs and the best decoration to make the best environments possible.


Outdoor shades and blinds

Outdoor shades are one of the most elegant and attractive alternatives when we try to give style to a comfortable space outside your home or spot.

You have a guarantee with our products and the possibility of giving a personalized, unique and exclusive air to your home, office or any space in general terms.


awnings and shades in different colors

Our products are made in all kinds of colors, with all kinds of trusses and designs so you can make your spaces something unique and unrepeatable. Not only the interiors, also exteriors, since our roller blinds and awnings are also ideal for customizing terraces , pool areas and open spaces.

These are also comfortable products to install and that emanate comfort in your spaces, offering a comfortable and powerful option to cover both small and large dimensions.

Thanks to its exclusive components its installation is easier to coupling several shades to your spaces. In this site we offer Bandalux products for you as the best options made to measure a nice decoration for your home, office, terraces and spaces in general.

Opinión de nuestros clientes en Málaga

"One of the best curtains and blinds stores in Malaga, I recommend them."
Marta Caceres

"I found this store online, and the truth is that they have the cheapest prices for curtains in Malaga."
Pedro Aguilar

"In this place I can find everything necessary to install the curtains and blinds of each room and the living room."
Antonio Durán

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