Box roller

Box roller


Excellent visual and thermal comfort.

We give you the minimalist solution for your blinds.

Protect and embellish your curtains with our wide range of design drawers.

100% aluminum drawer. It allows to resist oxidation and adverse weather conditions.

Roller curtains with drawer are perfect for minimalist decorations. They are very useful and versatile for its roller system can also be used in outdoor environments such as interiors. Also, they have a roller system with a drawer unique in its style that allows total opacity when combined with blackout fabric. We use the best materials to ensure quality products that are in the forefront, these curtains are ideal for any type of setting as they seek to occupy the least space and create environments appropriate to the needs and personalities of the area that you want to decorate. Roller curtains with drawer are an attractive alternative, elegant and useful for decorating outdoor and indoor environments.

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